Welcome to Waxynwane!... (Again...)

Now where did I put That... Shit! Errrr... Hi (Again...), And welcome to Waxynwane! This place was built as an escapism from modern social media... And carrd.co was too basic to suit my webmastering needs.

Also, I should Mention that some of the pages can be written in Russian aswell. (as that is our first language!)

I picked up coding (HTML/CSS) around October of 2022, when I got on a website called Toyhou.se. As I had gotten use to the site, I wanted to make my profile more than it already was, so thats when I learned Bootstrap CSS. I was (and still are) by no means good at it, but hey, look at where I am now!

And more about me?

Well, I'm Groovy (Also spelt as Grooviy), just a random zomb boy-girl on the internet. I'm a co-host of Nicks system, as well as the webmaster of this site. I hope you will enjoy your stay!

Last Description Update on 5/12/23.